Massage Therapy Add On Services

Add a 10 minute Reflexology session onto any massage $15 reflexology


Reflexology is a fantastic treatment where the therapist applies pressure to points on the foot associated with different body systems.  This type of therapy has been found to have many medical applications.  According to a study by the Mayo clinic, reflexology can reduce stress, pain.  It can also help alleviate psychological symptoms such as anxiety and depression.  

Add a Hot Oil Foot treatment to any massage $15  Your therapist will put heated organic coconut oil infused with Peppermint and Lavendar on our feet and massage the smooth heated oil into your skin.  This service does not add time to your treatment, but is a luxurious way to end your session.Hot oil Foot

Add a facial massage to any session for $15.  Your therapist will use therapeutic techniques to reduce tension in your jaw, temple and neck to finish off your massage with an AHHHHHH!  This service does not add time to your session but adds a wonderful touch to an already fantastic session.Spa Resort

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