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Betty Ann has recently moved to the Kansas City area after raising her family in northwest Missouri for many years. She is excited to share a technique called Bowenwork therapy with clients here. Bowenwork is an Australian modality using a series of very gentle moves on various points of the body to promote healing. Because it is such a gentle technique it is appropriate for anyone–infants, the elderly, and those who have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and autoimmune illnesses. A session would have the practitioner make a few moves, allow the client to rest for a few minutes to allow the body to respond to those moves, and continue in this manner.   Bowen has an effect on the body for up to ten days after a session. A typical balancing session (done through lightweight clothing) lasts 45 minutes to an hour although sessions can be as short as 15 minutes with longer wait times. Conditions that can be helped with Bowenwork include any type of joint pain, kidney, respiratory, or digestive problems, TMJ issues, migraine headaches, fertility issues and many others. For more information about the Bowen technique, please check the website, which is

Betty Ann also has a degree in nursing and has worked in a variety of settings as a nurse. After her children were grown, she began a career in fitness (one of those things she NEVER imagined doing!). She is a NETA certified personal trainer with experience in yoga, group exercise, and especially senior fitness. Most recently she has become interested in postural alignment therapy and is currently a student in the Egoscue method. She is a firm believer that combining Bowenwork with corrective exercise allows for more lasting healing and empowers her clients to be able to help themselves.

Finally, Betty Ann is passionate about the role of energy work in the healing process. She has studied the work of Donna Eden extensively and holds a certification in her methods.

Betty Ann is very excited to be a new resident of the city and the opportunities it offers. For fun, she enjoys reading almost anything, cheesy Broadway musicals, good coffee, and wonderful travel. She will be happy to talk with you any time about her three adorable grandchildren!

Betty Ann Dean is a Bowen Practitioner.

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