Medical and Injury Rehab Massage

Medical and Injury Rehab Massage

Anybody who has an injury that involves a muscular structure can generally get pain relief, as well as enhanced healing by proper use of Medical and Injury Rehab Massage Therapy.  Depending on the injury, a variety of techniques can be used.  Your therapist might use stretching combined with long slow strokes, and other times deeper muscle stripping is necessary to break up adhesions and tightness.  Here is an article on massage benefits

Common injuries and pain centers we treat:

Low back pain, Hip Pain, Frozen Shoulder, Shoulder limited mobility due to pain, Ankle injury, Tennis or Golf Elbow, Neck stiffness and pain, Hamstring Pain/Tightness, Knee Pain from injury or overuse, IT Band Syndrome, Jaw pain from teeth grinding or TMJ, Headache, Achilles tear or tenderness, Calf strain and so much more.  Inquire to see  what we can do for your condition.  If you have a pain, odds are we have treated someone with that before, and medical and injury rehab massage is for you.

A number of our clients are experiencing knee, shoulder, low back or hip pain and are considering a surgical solution.  SOMETIMES we can help those individuals avoid surgery.  We are not a replacement for your doctor and if you are under the care of a physician you should always ask your doctor if a massage is appropriate.  We have treated a number of clients with chronic pain that was reduced, while their range of motion was increased.  Caution here is if something hurts, tell your therapist and do not allow any massage to hurt beyond a normal pain scale.  We also do post-surgical massage to aid in healing and reducing the scar tissue that is natural to develop after a surgery.  For more information on Medical and Injury Rehab Massage CLICK HERE
90 minute $110

2 Hours $145 3 Hours $210