Deep Tissue Specialist

Julia K. Thomas
Licensed Massage Therapist


Julia Thomas

Licensed Massage Therapist

Nationally Certified


Note: Julia is not taking any new clients at this time, and all appointments are to be scheduled via emailing and not on the online system.
A few years ago, I decided I needed to find a career that would champion my desire to engage in holistic healing practices.  I have been selling real estate since 1996, and continue to do so.  While I love real estate, there was something missing.  I didn’t know where I wanted to focus, until I took a trip to Sedona, AZ.  The energy in Sedona moved me, and before I left Sedona I knew I wanted to study healing arts and body work.Very quickly I was enrolled in MTTI, now known as Wellspring school of Allied Health.  Once I graduated I interviewed at several local businesses, spas and privately owned massage therapy businesses.  I was stunned to find how poorly massage therapists were treated and paid.  Many businesses require that therapists have established hours, where they have to come into the studio regardless of whether or not they have any massages scheduled.  The therapists sit in a room for hours, and if they are lucky enough to get booked, they get paid a tiny amount of money.  Additionally, most of these businesses treat the therapists as independent contractors, not even paying social security and medicare benefits on the wages earned.  I decided to rent a space and  start a small practice knowing I could not work under such conditions.  Within months, my business had expanded and I found myself with a large client base.  I decided to expand with the objective of offering massage therapists a holistic space where they could earn a great living and have flexibility in their schedule, while continuing to build my business  My desire was to create a space where clients get a profoundly transforming healing session, while offering the therapist a loving and enriching environment where they can grow their business and be treated like partners.  I secured a space and built it to include 4 therapy rooms and a lobby.  I built the space with the objective to create a quiet and healing environment that nurtured both therapist and client.  Massage therapists are unique spirits that have a gift to share- but rarely do they get an opportunity to express their gifts and get paid a fair wage for doing that.  If I achieve my goal, they get it all at Imagine Wholeness.  My business is the equivalent of a “fair trade” organization.  We are a small locally owned business.  I take pride in the family atmosphere at the studio, and will continue to help the therapists grow and expand their knowledge and client base and encourage their development as therapists, and as individual healers.  Because I have created a unique space, I have attracted some of the most talented therapists I have ever known.  As these things often happen, our clientele are also some of the most amazing and courageous people I have ever met.  We truly enjoy our work of healing, and along the way we get to touch some tremendous and gifted people.  I hope you agree.

Regular massage can create the opening-

are you willing to heal your Self?

Can you ImagineWholeness?


“For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others”

Nelson Mandela

Dr. Deming:  “all anyone asks for is a chance to work with pride”

Wholeness is:

When your physical Self has shed tension, pain and stress-

which in turn allows your mental Self to achieve clarity of

purpose and connection to Source, God, Spirit or Centeredness.

What follows is wellness, peace and inner wisdom- the elusive

mind, body and spirit



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