Neural Reset Therapy

Megan McCusker Deep Tissue Therapist, Neural Reset Therapy

Megan has family in Pratt, KS, as well as Idaho and California. Her 93 year old grandmother Joy still lives on a nearby farm, and consistently beats everyone in Scrabble. Megan is a proud aunt to 4 year old Eliza, and 3 year old Luke. She is dog mom to her dachshund, Ziggy, hunter of all the critters of the dog park. Growing up, Megan loved to dance. She enjoyed Scottish highland dancing, ballet, jazz, and modern. She currently practices Zumba, yoga, and Qi Gong. Movement gives Megan a creative outlet for mind-body harmony.

Megan’s passion for the mind-body connection inspired her to study the healing arts. She completed a bachelor’s degree from KU in Psychology, then went on to study Pharmacy at KU School of Pharmacy. As a college student, she sought massage for stress and tension relief. Of all the medicines Megan studied, massage is her favorite.

Megan is highly sought after for her deep tissue expertise. Her intuitive hands swiftly identify sources of pain and restriction. Deep tissue sessions are a blend of Myofascial Release and Structural Integration techniques, using firm pressure to bring the body back into balance and alignment.   Megan’s latest deep tissue tool is Neural Reset Therapy®. She has completed NRT courses, and is pursuing advanced certification in this method. NRT is fun and easy. It is a science- based method that involves communication with the nervous system. Clients love it when their pain vanishes in seconds without any grinding/pushing on tender areas. Sometimes, chronic conditions that never seem to make progress will start to clear. The resets can be performed fully clothed or incorporated into a deep tissue session. A 90 minute NRT-focused session allows time for a full body reset, done fully clothed, followed with massage for the ultimate nourishing experience. Need to unwind stress and recharge? See Megan for a relaxation massage. Her strong yet gentle touch is infused with the warm honey feeling of Holy Fire Reiki that will melt you right into the table.

Whether you are seeking freedom from pain, a tranquil retreat, a laugh or cry…Megan is delighted to share time together. Her goal is to help you feel good about your body and your life, no matter what you are working through.

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