The nature of massage is that we can only see one person at a time.  Our time slots are often filled a week or two in advance.  If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice it is nearly impossible for us to fill that spot.  In those cases, except in cases of emergency we have to charge you for the full balance of the session unless we can fill your spot.

Our series (loyalty) packages are prepaid discount offers.  You have 1 year to use those and they absolutely expire after that.  You may allow your friends and family to use sessions in your package.  Packages may only be redeemed for the amount purchased.  Example, if you purchase a 60 minute package you may get a 90 minute massage, but you will need to pay for the additional 30 minutes at the time of the service.  If you purchase a 90 minute package and wish to only get a 60 minute session your package will be charged for the 90 minutes, or you can purchase your 60 minute session on the day of that service.  Series Loyalty Packages are absolutely non refundable!

We appreciate your understanding of our policies and know you respect our time as we respect yours.  We will do everything in our power to make sure you have a positive and rewarding experience with Imagine Wholeness.


The Imagine Wholeness Team

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