Renee Gibson Deep Tissue Massage Therapist

Renee Gibson is a gifted massage therapist.  From a very young age, Renee began using the art of massage to heal.  Her family loved it when Renee would rub their hands and backs.  From a small child, Renee knew she had the gift of healing.  Over the years Renee honed her talents to become a highly skilled and trained massage therapist.

Renee has studied deep tissue, lymphatic drainage for cancer patients, pregnancy and reflexology.  She is especially gifted in the art of deep tissue work.  Renee loves to perform long slow massages, and even does 2 hour massages!  Renee loves a challenge, so if you are experiencing sciatica, frozen shoulder, plantar fascitis or other deep muscle conditions consider giving Renee a try.  If you love DEEP DEEP work, Renee can fit that bill.  She is also very gifted at relaxation massage and lighter touch.


Give her a try!


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