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At Imagine Wholeness, our therapists are proficient at so many modalities that each category is actually a compilation of many techniques.  We offer several massage types from which to choose.

Relaxation Therapeutic Massage

Basic Relaxation Therapeutic Massage is more relaxing than  other massage types.  Relaxation massage is a combination of Swedish effleurage techniques and  light stretching  designed to gently get into the muscle fibers to correct painful tight areas.  Relaxation massage is defined as a slow long stroke full body massage.  It  can be targeted for a specific area of the body when necessary.  To learn more about  Click here.

Relaxation Massage can be extremely effective for allowing the muscle fibers to slowly unwind.  While it is more gentle, it still has profound impacts on the body and mind.  Often clients in a relaxation massage go into a deep meditative state and are able to heal in ways far more profound than they expect.  Relaxation is a fantastic way to unwind the mind and body at the same time.

60 Minute =$65 90 Minute =$952 Hour =$125




Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is a combination of techniques that aid the therapist in identifying the source of pain.  It  uses myofascial release, stretching, trigger point therapy and muscle stripping to slowly unwind the layers of muscles to  correct the source of pain. Deep Tissue is a very difficult modality to properly perform. For a therapist to get to deeper layers of muscles they utilize strength, skill and patience. Deep tissue can be extremely effective, however you need to make sure it is safe for you. For more information, including contraindications of deep tissue massage CLICK HERE

Imagine Wholeness is the BEST DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE studio in the Kansas City Area.  We were named best by Pitch magazine and our faithful clients.  Located in the Northeast Johnson County Area, and very near the Country Club Plaza, our studio is perfectly located in the heart of Kansas City.  Read about a study published in the New York Times, there are some very interesting findings!

60 Minute =$75 90 Minute =$1102 Hour =$145


Pregnancy Massage

At Imagine Wholeness we have 4 certified Pregnancy Massage Therapists.  We use the patented Body Cushion pillow system to deliver the most comfortable and safe massage experiences possible to the expecting mother.  Massage can help ease low back pain, neck and shoulder pain, and leg pain.  Women who get regular massage during their pregnancies tend to experience less depression,  less discomfort during their pregnancy, and easier labor.  Low back pain is the most common complaint during pregnancy, and massage therapy is a very effective treatment.

There is a big difference in the skill level between someone who is trained vs certified.   At Imagine Wholeness we are committed to providing you the safest, most comfortable and effective service possible.  5 of our therapists are Certified in Pregnancy Massage.  Call or come in today to see why Pitch named Imagine Wholeness the very best in Kansas City.

For More information on Pregnancy Massage please visit our page CLICK HERE

60 Minute =$75 90 Minute =$110

2 Hour =$145


Medical Massage, Sports Massage and Injury Rehabilitation Massage


We lump these categories together because, while clients may have different needs, the treatment is very similar. We treat many patients that are training for a major athletic event by doing facilitated stretching and deep muscle work. This loosens the muscle so that training is more effective and less painful. The same goes for an injury; we use stretching and long slow strokes. At other times, deeper muscle stripping is necessary. Our therapists are pros at identifying an issue and adapting treatment to the client’s needs. Often we have clients who are considering a surgical solution for knee, shoulder, low back or hip pain. SOMETIMES we can help those individuals avoid surgery. We have treated a number of clients with chronic pain. Many experienced a decrease in pain along with an increase in range of motion. For those clients who choose surgery, we offer post-surgical massage to aid in healing and reducing scar tissue. We are not a replacement for your doctor, so if you are under the care of a physician you should always ask your doctor if massage is appropriate for you. For more information on Medical/Sporty/Injury Rehabilitation CLICK HERE 

60 Minute =$75 90 Minute =$110 2 Hour =$145


Cupping Massage


Cupping is an ancient modality that has recently gained favor among elite athletes, accupucturists, natural healers and people who are trying to reduce pain and enhance performance.  During the session the therapist will attach cups with suction and can either leave them in place, or move them about during the session depending on the goal and the client.  It is important to have a trained and certified therapist perform this work.   While there is very little risk if the therapist is adequately trained- it is best to not allow cupping by anyone who isn’t properly skilled and certified.  During the session it is possible the client will experience red marks under the suction or “cup kisses”.  This is not bruising, and generally those areas to not hurt.  They go away in 1-5 days.  Many Therapists at Imagine Wholeness do Cupping and  you will love the work.

60 Minute =$85 90 Minute =$125

2 Hour =$165



Maya Abdominal Massage

The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy™ are founded on the ancient Mayan technique of abdominal massage which is an external non invasive manipulation that repositions internal organs that have shifted, thereby restricting the flow of blood, lymph, nerve and chi.

Based on over thirty years of training and experience in massage, naprapathy, herbology, and spiritual healing, Dr. Rosita Arvigo developed these techniques which now bear her name. This modality incorporates a holistic approach to health care which includes massage, anatomy and physiology, herbology, nutrition, and emotional and spiritual healing. Dr. Arvigo believes that with any natural healing technique, these areas must be simultaneously addressed to promote optimal health.

Dr. Arvigo learned these techniques from her mentor, Don Elijio Panti, the great Maya Shaman of Belize, Central America with whom she apprenticed for ten years. Don Elijio believed that a woman’s center is her uterus. “If a woman’s uterus is out of balance, so is she,” he would say. Midwives and healers of Central America agree that most female troubles are caused by the wandering womb. Don Elijio passed away in 1996 at the age of 103. Rosita also studied with Hortence Robinson, a 73 year old herbal midwife of Belize who has been delivering babies since she was 13.

The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy™ address position and health of the pelvic and abdominal organs. The work is best known for the correction of the prolapsed, fallen, or tilted uterus and for the prevention and treatment of benign prostate enlargement in men, and for relief of many common digestive disorders.  Call we will refer you to a GREAT Maya Abdominal practitioner

60 Minute =$75 90 Minute =$110

1st session =$120


Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stones are a great Add on to your Massage Session.

Hot Stones Massage uses Basalt Stones heated to about 10-20 degrees above body temperature to create a heating effect without burning the skin.  The Basalt stones are volcanic rocks with a high silica and iron content and stay warm for a long time.  They are naturally smoothed by water in river beds

and produce a wonderful soothing sensation when they glide along the skin. You can request an entire session using the stones, or you can ask the therapist to use them to enhance your massage experience.  After each session, the stones are meticulously cleaned, sterilized and dried in the sun to prepare for the next session.

60 Minute =$15 90 Minute =$20 2 Hour =$30


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