Sports massage for injury and enhanced performance in Prairie Village

Sports massage for injury and enhanced performance

Massage therapy can play a key role in the fitness and viability of athletes. Sports massage can be defined in several ways.

Pre/post sports massage: This massage is used directly before and after an event. The therapist generally goes to the event and does a pre event massage. This is a very fast paced technique to get the muscles twitching more quickly and responsive and ready for performance. Post event massage is much slower and allows the muscle to slowly unravel back to a state of normalcy without cramping. Of course, proper water and nutrition are also keys to performance and rehabilitation. Rarely does a top tier athlete perform without both types of massage. More and more major events are inviting massage therapists to the event to provide this for their athletes. If you are a triathlon, marathon or extreme runner/cycler or athletic competitor and want to take it to the next level- incorporate massage. Additionally, during training season get regular massages. It can aid healthy and consistent muscle recovery.

Pre post event massage for athletes

Pre post event massage for athletes

Injury rehabilitation massage: For any level of athlete, this type of massage incorporates a variety of techniques depending on your injury. Most sports injury rehab massages include several of the following techniques: deep tissue, stretching, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, efflurage (long slow strokes) and more. Several of the therapists at Imagine Wholeness are experts at injury rehab and can help you to recover. Come in today to get evaluated by a member of the team so you can get back to what you love!

Shoulder injury

Sports massage for the shoulder

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