Taylor Dervin is a new, passionate addition to the wellness field and is deeply committed to assisting the body heal itself. She believes in the power of preventive care, and is well studied in integrative massage techniques to achieve pain and stress relief.

Taylor graduated from Wellspring School of Allied Health – one of the top schools in the field – in December of 2016 and is continually adding new techniques to her repertoire. She incorporates a blend of Myofascial work, Deep Tissue, Range of Motion, Hot Stone work and stretching and will adapt each session to achieve your personal goals. She works with clients of all backgrounds including geriatric and prenatal and can treat a multitude of issues such as headaches, TMJ disorders, neck/shoulder pain, low back pain, sciatica, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, depression and frozen shoulder. Her ideal client is one who understands the therapeutic benefits of regular massage and who enjoys taking their health into their own hands with self-care homework. She is especially fond of using her skill to help fellow mothers take much needed time for themselves, mentally unwind and get back to doing the hardest job in the world!

Taylor is newly married and a proud mother to a perfect baby boy, two rescue labs and lives in Waldo. You may see her out exploring Kansas City or at the dog park. Call the office now 913-221-5591

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